The use of ICG and fluorescence imaging is growing exponentially. However, variation continues to exist in how ICG is dosed and administered, and in many other technical aspects of its use.Numerous other issues remain, as well, like indications and contraindications, whether it still should be considered experimental, whether specific patient consent is required, etc.

No current consensus technical guidelines exist regarding the indications for and use of ICG

A series of surveys are currently underway to assess current practices and, ultimately, see if consensus can be reached regarding specific components of ICG use.

  • ICG dose and concentration
  • Administration route and timing
  • Re-administration and timing
  • Indications for use
  • Status as a routine versus still experimental procedure
  • Patient education and consent
  • Physician training
  • Other technical considerations

Why the Delphi method?

  • Allows for questions to be answered and issues addressed that would either be impossible or impractical to address within the context of standard research (e.g., RCTs)
  • Allows for questions to be answered and issues addressed quickly
  • Allows for practical aspects of treatment or diagnosis to be addressed that would not be feasible in a single RCT
  • Allows for experts to vote independently and with minimal coercion from other experts
  • Voting is done anonymously