The International Society For Fluorescence Guided Surgery (ISFGS)

Members of the International Society of Fluorescence Guided Surgery (ISFGS) will gain access to the latest research, technology and knowledge available in the field of fluorescence guided surgery. Members will avail themselves of various modes of communication through the ISFGS website, increased opportunities for global and regional networking through ISFGS meetings and other educational events and programs. Every member of ISFGS plays an integral role in its future and success. It is the mission of ISFGS to ensure all members have the opportunity to contribute new ideas for new programs and other initiatives for its continued evolution and progress.

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ISFGS members are dedicated to advancing and promoting the science and practice of fluorescence guided surgery and the ISFGS is committed to helping its members achieve this goal.

  • Access to the ISFGS website and member-only content
  • Access to the membership directory
  • Ability to network with other surgeons involved in fluorescence guided surgery
  • Access to educational programs such as the annual meetings and webinars
  • Access to a Resource Library of publications, video, and images
  • Updates on the most current status of fluorescence guided imaging and calendar of ISFGS and related events
  • Committee and leadership opportunities