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ESSO-ISFGS Course on Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

ESSO-ISFGS Course on Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

Leiden, 6 June

Exciting day 1 of the course at the LUMC!
We welcomed 70 participands from 13 countries for the ESSO-ISFGS course. Today was all about present-day usage of fluorescence guided surgery and hands-on learning. We kicked off with an in-depth exploration of fluorescence imaging techniques of lymphatics and SLN in cancer surgery, covering breast, endocrine, upper GI, and skin cancers. The morning sessions highlighted the latest advancements and practical applications.
After the break, the focus shifted to fluorescence imaging of tissue perfusion. We delved into the principles, current literature, quantification methods, and new insights, especially in colorectal and parathyroid surgeries. The engaging discussions and insights provided a comprehensive understanding of this evolving field.
The afternoon hands-on session was a highlight, allowing participants to test different imaging systems and probes, fostering practical skills and deeper knowledge.
Later in the day, we will explore how to integrate fluorescence imaging in hospitals, the latest in robotic technologies, minimally invasive ICG-guided resections, and the kinetics of fluorescence in cancer imaging. These sessions will provide actionable insights and inspire future advancements in surgical practices.
The day will end with dinner at the beach, and we're looking forward to tomorrow's presentations!

Leiden, 7 June

The final day of our course at LUMC was a success, filled with even more insightful presentations.
We started with in-depth sessions on imaging techniques for the biliary tract and ureters, covering topics like fluorescent cholangiography and ureter imaging, followed by a practical guideline from Prof. Luigi Boni.
Later on, the focus was on tumor tissue imaging. Participants learned about tumor-targeting dyes and their applications in various cancers, including colorectal, endocrine, lung, liver, and pancreatic cancers. Detailed presentations highlighted the latest advancements in this field.
In the afternoon, we explored fluorescence imaging in sarcoma and topical tumor-targeting dyes, showcasing new techniques to improve surgical outcomes.
The day concluded with a highlight, a keynote lecture by prof. Joris Dik. He spoke about the use of fluorescence in art, providing a unique insight in how art (demonstrating works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh) is researched – demonstrating the near resemblance of art and surgery.
Overall, the two-day course offered a broad, and yet a thorough understanding of fluorescence-guided surgery, blending theory with practical skills. Green Light Leiden wants to thank all speakers and participants for their enthusiasm and contributions. Also we would want to acknowledge the Chairs, Faculty, ESSO and the LUMC for the grand organization.
We look forward to seeing what the next chapter will bring within fluorescence-guided surgery!

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